Multi dwelling solutions

Multi Dwelling

Knockdown & Rebuild is downsizing without moving.
Once the kids have gone, life takes you in a different direction, but that doesn't mean you have to move home. Many people love where they live, and would stay if it wasn't for the size or upkeep costs. We totally understand, and Rendition Homes will help you make the best choice for your block of land.

Our team has a solid understanding of land potential, market values and can help you create a profitable outcome. It's an opportunity to have the best of both worlds - maintaining your home and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to downsize without moving or are an investor looking to yield the most amount of money from the land, we'll help determine the best outcome for you.

In partnership with our dedicated design team and in conjunction with financial advice from Bernie Lewis, we will take you through the entire process, from initial consultation to design and then to building. We are one of only a few quality builders who can offer this service.

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  • Build your wealth.
  • You are helping to secure your financial future by building an asset that can be sold or rented.
  • You'll have less maintenance and running costs.
  • You're still living in the location you love (and have avoided the costs & hassles of selling and moving) and you have upgraded to a beautiful new modern home suited to your lifestyle.
  • You'll feel more comfortable living in a home where every room has a purpose.

Rendition Homes can turn your existing home into two (or more) attached or detached, contemporary homes. We are one of only a few quality builders who can offer this service.

Subdivision plan with odd shape
Multi-Development build
Subdivision - Hammerhead Block

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